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Lockheed Martin designed giant 50 MW wind turbine

Mega turbine blades for more wind mill, green energy

Mega turbine blades for more efficiency. At dangerous wind speeds, the blades are stowed and aligned with the wind direction, reducing the risk of damage

Sandia Lab (US), part of Lockheed Martin, has designed mega wind turbine blades for offshore wind mills.

The turbine blades do have a length of 200 meters: More than two times longer than the longest turbine blades which usually provide green energy from wind mills on land or at sea.

More efficient

These huge blades are much more efficient than the traditional ones, according to Todd Griffith, head of Sandia’s offshore wind program.

“Offshore installations are expensive. The more energy we generate per mill, the more affordable the green energy becomes.”

Earlier, the research laboratory has developed already blades with a length of 100 meters, which produces 13 MW of power.

Flexible blades

The developed blades are relatively flexible and can be build up in segments. In the design of Sandia, the rotor with three blades hangs behind the tower of the windmill.

The 100-meter blade is the basis for the Segmented Ultralight Morphing Rotor (SUMR), a new low-cost offshore 50-MW wind turbine. At dangerous wind speeds, the blades are stowed and aligned with the wind direction, reducing the risk of damage. At lower wind speeds, the blades spread out more to maximize energy production.

Two blades

The Dutch start-up 2-B Energy is working on a similar down-wind windmill. Their first prototype has a capacity of 6 megawatts. This windmill has two blades. The advantage of this system is that maintenance at sea, a helicopter will be able to land on top of the wind mill.

Blade Dynamics

Blade Dynamics (UK) produces the wind turbine blades that are to build up in segments. Late 2015, Blade Dynamics was acquired by General Electric.

This is how a windturbine works

How Wind Turbines Work



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