Recyclable Rubber saves billions

Recyclable Rubber Is Possible

This Rubber House is named for its use of recycled rubber conveyor belts screwed onto the exterior of the home to serve as roof and cladding material.

PhD Laurens Polgar has created recyclable rubber.

Until now, rubber was only reusable as low grade product, for example used as pegs or paving stones.

By using a different system, Polgar has made rubber that is completely recyclable to new rubber, while maintaining all its properties.

Polgar won with his invention the Benelux finals of the prestigious Falling Walls Lab and is allowed to participate in the European final in Berlin. Read More

BioBased Material 20% Better Insulation

To decrease our energy and water consumption, we should pay more attention to a better insulation of our houses, offices and community buildings.

Of course we know all the classic insulation materials. But using BioBased insulation materials do have a lot of advantages: Read More

BWConstructions Green Architecture and Urban Development

green architecture

BWConstructions Green Architecture and Urban Development

BetterWorldSolutions intents to start a new platform BWConstructions connecting regional and national networks of sustainable builders.

The focus will be on CO2-reductions in the construction sector.

Its foundations will be ready for build up after our meeting March 16 in the Netherlands.

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My own EcoHouse

ecohouseAn absurdly comfortable EcoHouse which will produce enough energy of its own. A comfortable house, like you lay down in your bed, firmly tucked in a blanket, and still can move freely at the same time.

This was the idea of the EcoHouse of Jasper Jobse. Next year he will build his house in the new eco-neighborhood in Arnhem. Read More

SolarWind Bridge

SolarWind Bridge

Solar cells coated in clear plastic, are able to produce 11.2 million kilowatt hours

This SolarWind Bridge could power 15,000 homes. And even better, the bridge could be a vegetables garden. 

Designed by Francesco Colarossi, Giovanna Saracino and Luisa Saracino as part of an Italian design contest to re-imagine a decommissioned bridge (for which it placed second), this so-called SolarWind concept would have solar cells embedded in the roadway and an array of 26 wind turbines underneath, which the designers say could produce enough energy combined to power 15,000 homes. Read More

Bulbs harvest moonlight energy

Bulbs harvest moonlight energy

We’re excited to see how architects will incorporate these energy generating orbs into alternative energy agendas and future building designs!

These Bulbs even harvest solar energy from moonlight.

The solar energy designers at Rawlemon have again created a spherical, sun-tracking glass bulb that is able to concentrate sunlight (and moonlight) up to 10,000 times.

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A complete circular building

Thomas Rau created a real circular building

Circular building is more than reusing the existing structure. All added materials, such as the concrete tiles, furniture and the insulation material, are recycled products and materials.

How do you give four dated bunched offices a second life without wasting material? Simple: build circular.

Energy Company Liander did it.

We have seen it. And it’s an amazing ‘new’ future proof and circular building. Read More

Best Building of the Year

Best Building of the Year

Best Building of the Year 2015: The Interlace / Singapore / OMA / Ole Scheeren

What will be the world’s best building of the year 2016? An happiness center in Bhutan, a silo adjoining chapel in Chile or the Chanel shop in Amsterdam with its enchanting brick facade?

This week the nominees have been announced for the World Architecture Festival Awards (WAF), the largest architectural awards festival in the world. In November the award ceremony will be in Berlin. Read More

High Tech Pavilion built of residuals

High Tech Paviljoen built of rest materials

The hollow columns are designed to store rainwater.

To accelerate the Clean Tech Innovation, green architect GertJan Scholte has built a high tech pavilion of residuals in Amsterdam.

Building with bio-composites needs repetition – and therefore modular solutions – because the molds are expensive. 

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BREEZE: a zero-energy hotel


World’s first zero energy and circular hotel. This is Hotel BREEZE

Hotel BREEZE’s air conditioning performs entirely circular. Without mechanical ventilation.

This innovative concept called the ‘Earth, Wind & Fire’ (EWF) concept has been created by Engineer Bronsema.

Briefly the EWF works with falling water, sun and wind. Read More

FerrisWheel: the Future Windmill

FerrisWheel: the Future Windmill

The power of this design is the building with an open eye. The hole will generate renewable energy by water drops circulating in an electric field.

Dutch WindWheel has released an architecture design for the wind turbine of the future: the FerrisWheel.

FerrisWheel design:

  • The windmill is 174 meters high
  • The hole in the middle ensures renewable energy with water drops
  • The building will generate solar power
  • In the building is enough space for apartments and hotels

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Grace Farms Building green building example nr. #1

Grace Farms, Sanaa, ircular architecture, CO2, design, Green building, inspiring place, light, Sustainable infrastructure

The main building, called the River, is a sinuous form that winds its way down a hill just a few hundred yards from the New York border, with five separate sections

Grace Farms, as this project is called, is also known as ‘The River’.

Not amazing, is it?

This new (2015), nature center for communities is designed by the Japanese architecture firm Sanaa.

Sanaa was asked to design a multi functional complex including a nature center, gym, hub for social justice groups, community garden, a chapel and more.

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The Sea Ranch: one of the most inspiring places in the world

circular architecture, Sea Ranch California, green building, design, sustainable infrastructure, CO2, light

Sea Ranch is noted for its distinctive architecture, which consists of simple timber-frame structures clad in wooden siding or shingles. The buildings are designed to deal with prevailing weather and topography and could be considered as a hybrid of modern and vernacular architecture.

In 1964, Al Boeke, architect and Vice President for Community Planning, fell in love with the barren and grand Rancho Del Mar in California USA.

He wanted to develop a natural community and made a dream come true.

The Sea Ranch became one of the most inspiring places in the world full filling a regenerative country-life colony within a wildlife preserve.

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Save space with water storage beneath roads

stormwater, road, climate change, Aquaflow, municipal, pavement, water storage, road

Thanks to a WT swirling, the rainwater will be discharged quickly to the water storage foundation

Due to the increasing rainfall in many parts of the world, municipalities have to reserve more space for their water storage. Ditches and ponds take much space.

This is another solution: a water reservoir beneath the road. The Aquaflow® system solves storm water problems. Read More

Tower: start of a smog-free world

Beijing, Paris, Daan Roosegaarde, sustainable infra, Smog Free Tower, smog, soot, pollution, Design, smog-free tower

Daan Roosegaarde introduces the Free Smog Tower: a 7 meters high tower that creates smog-free air in the area.

“It’s my job to look around, and find new proposals to solve global issues. I have been involved in fashion and highways. And since 2014, I am involved in smog.”

Daan Roosegaarde introduced the ambitious idea for the Free Smog Tower. He started a Kickstarter Project with the goal to built a 7 meters high tower in Rotterdam that creates smog-free air in the area. Read More

Termite hill great examples CO2 neutral buildings

solar chimney, termite hill chimney, climate change, CO2, cradle to cradle, eco, energy, energy neutral, footprint, Green building, renewables, sustainable

The chimney principle is copied from ants and termites, which ingeniously craft corridors that regulate the temperature without active ventilation.

Two new buildings have been opened as an example of building energy and CO2 neutral.

  1. One of them is a school which even will deliver electricity to the grid
  2. The other is an Environmental Education Centre (picture) is housing offices, a restaurant, exhibition halls and a doctors practice. But for both of the buildings, the solar chimney is The Big Innovation!

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Designing sustainable infrastructure to meet the water demand of future generations

Climate change, adapting, water management, infrastructure, architecture

Adding in green infrastructure systems is not only good for managing water, but also good for communities.

Climate change, urbanization, population growth and higher water consumption per capita, the energy infrastructure and so much more. We do have big advantages and increasing problems in the world. 

But clean water supply is getting a bigger problem day by day.

To make urban area ‘future proof, engineers should collaborate with architects and city planners.

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Barcelona smog-eating bridge

CO2, footprint, Spain, Barcelona, climate change

The new bridge in Barcelona ‘eats’ CO2

The Sarajevo bridge in Barcelona gets a green makeover. The Spanish architect BCQ redesigned the bridge.

The bridge will have a renovation turn with photocatalytic concrete, which purifies the air.

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Green and smart building design with 4D

Green and smart building design with 4D

Stop your carbon footprint. You can save energy with much more comfort than you can image. Built green

There is a new way of building, called Smart Building Design Europe.

The building projects bring the eco-building vision into reality.

Green design and sustainable construction can achieve massive energy and environmental savings without forgetting the importance of architecture and aesthetics. Read More

First Cradle-To-Cradle Business Park In The Netherlands

c2c, climate change, building, architecture, greenhouse, business park, McDonough

The American architect William McDonough + Partners, founder of the cradle-to-cradle concept, developed a new full service business park with 13 offices, greenhouses, sport facilities and more

Let us introduce to you Park 20 | 20, the Netherlands.

This business park is completely developed, using the principles of cradle-to-cradle or green, circular architecture

This new business park involves: circular buildings, with extra attention for human dimensions. 

The developing process is much more complicated, but very successful.  Read More

Decreasing amount of CO2 at the production of Cement

Climate change, CO2 emission

An atlas of pollution: the world in carbon dioxide emissions

Worldwide, the cement sector has been very active in reducing its emissions from cement production.

On three levels:

  1. energy efficiency
  2. alternative (bio)fuels
  3. clinker substitution

Through the combination of these efforts, the emissions per ton of cement have been reduced by 16% from the 1990 levels of 750 kg CO2/ ton of cement. Good news for CO2 emissions, the greenhouse gas and climate change. Read More

This Facede Stone Purifies The Air

sustainable infra, facade stones purify the air

The coating functions as a catalyst: it changes the harmful nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrate, which is washed away by rainwater, just as plants do in nature.

This new stone named “Clairplus”, breaks down 63 to 80% nitrous oxide (NOx and NO) from the air. This stone is one of the great, sustainable contributions to slow down global warming.

One square meter Clairplus purifies the air as much as a large tree does. 9 m2 reduces NOx as much as a normal car yearly emissions. Clairplus has a special coating of titanium dioxide. Read More

Watch this: Hybrid Solar / Wind Energy Tower

renewable energy, hybrid energy tower Mexico

This revolutionary wind/solar energy tower is 2,235 ft high and 1,200 ft width.

Mexico is making history with this hybrid solar & wind energy tower. Have you ever seen this? The simplicity of solar/wind energy’s revolutionary solution lies in its ability to harness the natural power of a downdraft created when water is introduced to hot dry air within the confines of the Company’s patented tower structure. (Video) Read More

Green buildings top 10

Green buildings top 10 2014

Green building: The John and Frances Angelos Law Center is the new law building at the University of Baltimore.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) released its Top Ten Projects of 2014. 


The Arizona State University Student Health Services is an adaptive reuse project. It consists of the demolition and new construction of part and the remodel of the remaining health facilities building. Its new systems Read More

Ecological house turns rain into clear drinking water

If your entire house is a water filter, clean water is never hard to find

If your entire house is a water filter, clean water is never hard to find

Every time it rains, this concrete house turns into an oversized water filter. Rainwater runs from the roof through a custom-designed system and ends up in a cistern, clean enough to drink. A demonstration building was on display during Milan Design Week last month, complete with a fake cloud overhead to show it in action. Read More