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Blue Ion Continuum – powerful home battery

Blue Ion Continuum - powerfull home battery

The 8 kWh Blue Ion Continuum battery is a potential game changer: it stores more energy than the 6.4 kilowatt-hour Powerwall and it’s made of better materials

The new Blue Ion Continuum battery stores more solar energy than the Tesla’s Powerwall, and it is reportedly made of sturdier stuff.

This home battery was launched by one of the co-founders of The Tetris Company, Henk Rogers. 

After reading about the destruction of coral, Rogers started Blue Planet Energy to help end dependency on fossil fuels. 


After a heart attack, Henk Rogers has found a new mission: ‘to end the use of carbon-based fuel’. Frustrated by the government’s slow movement on the issue, he realized better energy storage could help things along.

Rogers: “Wind and solar have become commodities, they’re so cheap, and yet battery is still a luxury.”

Continuum: a game changer

The eight kilowatt-hour Blue Ion Continuum battery is a potential game changer.

  • it stores more energy than the 6.4 kilowatt-hour Powerwall
  • it’s made of better materials
    • Blue Ion Continuum batteries run on Sony’s lithium ferrous phosphate batteries
    • The Powerwall runs on lithium cobalt manganese batteries
    • According to Rogers, phosphate and iron are ‘cheap and benign’ while cobalt and manganese are ‘expensive and dangerous’
  • Blue Ion Continuum’s warranty is better too
    • After 15 years, the warranty says the Blue Ion Continuum will still have 75 percent capacity
    • The Powerwall warranty is 10 years
  • The Blue Ion Continuum is more expensive than the Powerwall
    • it will run homeowners $12,950, not including installation
    • but because the battery’s warranty is longer, Blue Energy Planet says overall ‘lifecycle costs’ for their battery will end up being less than the Powerwall.

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