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Aluminum battery loads in 1 Minute


The aluminium battery can be charged and discharged 7,500 times, without hardly any loss of capacity.

Researchers at Stanford University have invented an Aluminum Battery that can be recharged in one minute.

More advantages: this battery will last much longer and it’s inexpensive.

In a publication in Nature, scientists show that the aluminium battery can be charged and discharged 7,500 times, without hardly any loss of capacity.



Lithium batteries lose 20% capacity in 1.000 charging cycles

The breakthrough has been achieved by placing an aluminum pole (anode) in front of of a graphite-made pole (cathode). An ionic liquid guides the aluminum between the poles.


The use of aluminum and the liquid have been tried before. Innovative is the graphite cathode, that made the battery so effective.

Normally, when the acceleration of a charging battery is increased, the capacity lowers. But in this solution:

The aluminium battery has shown a loss of capacity with only a few percents. Even with a very short loading time!

This is spectacular, says professor and chemist Petra de Jongh from the Utrecht University. And there is another advantage: Lithium is getting more rare and because of that, more expensive. Aluminium is a raw material with a much greater extent.

Suitable for renewables

The energy density is significantly lower comparing the latest generation Lithium batteries. For the same Lithium capacity a heavier aluminium battery is needed.

That’s why this aluminium battery is especially suitable for non-portable applications, like the storage of electricity from wind and solar energy.

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